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I was asked to share a short testimony with a group of teenagers this summer and shared the following story of answered prayer.

I was 12 and was away at a church youth weekend trip. During a time of teaching and worship I responded to God by quietly praying to Him, asking Him to confirm if I was His child, as we had just been told. Worship finished and there was no answer, so I asked my youth leader to pray for me. Whilst he was praying, we were interrupted by one of the teens, who was from Africa. During worship, my youth leader was speaking in tongues, but this boy told us he was actually speaking in the native language of his African tribe. In this language he was saying, “you are accepted as a child of God”. This was an incredible moment of obvious miraculous confirmation.

Revisiting this story almost 20 years later, I have found God speaking to me again. The fact that God spoke miraculously is amazing but I have found God showing me that what He said was more amazing than the fact that He said it, and that I haven’t fully accepted it.

So I am now sitting here coming to terms with the fact that God actually told me I am loved and part of His family. Like actually told me, specifically to me. I can’t deny that. I realise God answered this question decades ago but He is continuing to answer that prayer, and I am grateful for God speaking anew through past answered prayers.


Duncan Roseweir

Re:Hope Southside


Ask God to remind you of something He revealed to you in the past — maybe when you were young, maybe something you’ve forgotten. Use this foundational truth as the basis for your prayers today!


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