Day 9

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you." - James 4:10

How do you humble yourself when you come before the Lord?

While I was praying and thinking about this verse, three ways we can humble ourselves before God came to mind:

  1. Humble yourself before the Lord with your BODY

  2. Humble yourself before the Lord with your MIND

  3. Humble yourself before the Lord with your SPIRIT


When I come before God I like to adopt a posture of humility. I find that physically humbling myself before God helps me mentally and spiritually recognise and remember who I am coming before to speak to. God the CREATOR of the universe, ALMIGHTY GOD, KING JESUS my SAVIOUR, the MIGHTY Risen Lord! Over a period of time I started kneeling to pray and then started to bow my head to the ground. Now I often lie face down before Him. It is a very humbling but worshipful posture which helps me focus on God in my personal time with Him.

What kind of ways could you approach God in prayer differently today?


When we start our days, often our minds are racing with what we have planned for that day and what we need to do and how we are going to do it. As we come to humble ourselves before the Lord we are bringing everything in surrender to Him. We start to lay down our plans and ideas at His feet and ask Him to teach us and to help us to do it His way. We ask that what is not of Him will fall away and for Him to bring us into alignment with His will for that day. Our busy, and sometimes stressful thoughts are calmed and refocused on what’s really important. How easy it is to start the day trying to do things our way and not His….

Take a moment to surrender the things of your mind to God today.


We have to remember that we cannot do things in our own strength. We are weak and He is strong. We are sinful and we need His grace. He is a holy and awesome God and we don’t deserve to enter into His presence so freely. Yet by the precious blood and sacrifice of Jesus, God has made a way for us. Let’s not take that for granted and let’s get cleaned up and right with Him so that we can more fully enter into what He has for us, with nothing holding us back from hearing from Him or doing what He wants us to do.

Start your time of prayer today by coming to God in repentance.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you."

This verse goes on to say that God will exalt you… how do you think God does that? There are many ways but here are some that come to mind:

Body: He will physically lift, strengthen and refresh you and give you enough for what you need today.

Mind: He will give you the Mind of Christ – He will renew your mind and challenge and encourage you by showing you His will and His way which is far better than ours. He will give you wisdom and remind you of the truth (Phil.4:8), and that He is with you wherever you go.

Spirit: He will fill you and empower you with His Holy Spirit. Now you are cleansed and redeemed, you are enabled to live for Him in power and freedom.

“God not only expects you to do His will, but He is in you to do it” – Oswald Chambers.

The same Holy Spirit that was at work in Jesus’ time on earth and with His disciples, is living in you today! What does God want you to do with His power today?

How do you want to spend time with Him to activate what He has for you to be His witness and servant? Do you need lifting up?

Let go of all your plans, worries and failures and humble yourself before Him just now. He is good.

Jamie Trelogan


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