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DAY 29

I really did not want to take part in Fasting Week this year. 2022 finished with some heaviness and exhaustion, and I was feeling physically and spiritually weak. However, I knew God was calling me to trust Him and take this step of obedience. I had seen Him move through Fasting Week in previous years and, late on the Sunday evening, I resolved to be faithful in fasting for the week ahead.

On the Monday morning, I woke early and wrote out my prayer requests. I had questions about direction and was asking God for clarity, favour and blessing in my career, in ministry and over our family. I was handing over the things that had been weighing me down. I remember feeling like I couldn’t really articulate what I wanted, but I trusted He knew my heart.

As the week went on and I prayed over my big requests, I found myself turn to God quickly in prayer over all of my everyday things too. Looking back, it was as if I had forgotten in my weariness that the small things were important to bring to God, and that He would answer my little prayers! I felt so refreshed and comforted knowing how deeply and intimately He cares. There were so many simple answered prayers in those days — like having my daughter’s long-awaited ballet shoes delivered on the exact morning they were needed or having my passport processed in a matter of days when others were waiting months.

My faith grew, and I received encouragements and prophetic words from friends which very clearly pointed to opportunities that God was going to open up in the coming months. Although I didn’t see the significance at the time, I was so inspired by the way that God was speaking and by the Friday evening, I felt energised, focused and full of faith. It was my favourite Fasting Week yet!

So far this year four out of five of my big prayer requests from Fasting Week have been answered, and beyond what I anticipated! I can see so clearly how God has moved to provide for us as a family, and me personally, from a place of weakness at the start of the year. He gave me exactly what I needed and I am convinced of His love and faithfulness. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Sonja Smith

Re:Hope Southside


If you’re dealing with any weariness regarding your one main request, ask God to restore your hope by the power of His Spirit today — and re-resolve to bring this prayer to Him with high faith!


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