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DAY 31

I knew that God was able to answer prayers in better ways than I could possibly ask or imagine. He had done exactly that for me. I’d been praying that ‘my final year at Uni would be both the most successful and enjoyable’. And it was.

I’d managed to graduate with a better degree classification than I’d dared to pray for (at least to begin with). Fortunately, I had a friend who was bold enough to start praying and interceding about this. Eventually, I began to join in, in agreement with her. God answered our prayers.

Then, my final year at Uni had also been the most enjoyable. It wasn’t going to be difficult, having studied through the COVID-19 pandemic. My previous year had been particularly dreadful, and blighted by being stuck at home doing online lectures. God however, surprised me with some really great weekly opportunities. I’d not even asked for these specifically, but He was able to provide just what was needed. Despite the dissertation deadlines, final year was certainly the most enjoyable.


Another prayer that I’d had was ‘to be confident and not anxious about whatever God has planned for my future’.

This seemed to be going well. I’d applied to a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and had been accepted. Although a few weeks before it started, there was a call about that particular DTS being canceled. I was filled with uncertainty and felt particularly grieved about some other opportunities that I’d turned away to attend this DTS. It had a specific focus on youth and schools, with an extended lecture phase.

God asked me to get out of the boat, walk on the water and trust Him.

He led me to a different DTS, with a lecture phase in an incredibly beautiful location by the sea. Then on a missions trip where one of our main ministry focuses were children, youth and schools. Afterwards, I was invited to teach at a school for missionary children in the Spring. It was an absolute privilege and JOY to be part of all of these opportunities.

This last year has turned out even better than I could have asked or imagined. God is so faithful, to hear our prayers and answer them.

Getting out of the boat, walking on the water and trusting Him is so worth it!


Kirstin Gannon

Re:Hope Southside


Is there a closed door or a ‘no’ you’re facing that may be an opportunity to ask God for something better than you’d even asked for or imagined? Dare to pray along these lines today!

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1 Comment

Helen MacVey
Helen MacVey
Sep 20, 2023

A Bright future ahead Kirstin x

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